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Service Area Toyama

Service Area : Toyama

Stories Created by Locals, Shared with You.

6,852 different islands.
16,667 mountains between them.
35,000 rivers flowing from these.
Villages dotted throughout the beautiful landscape.
From this, unique cultures and languages are created, and rich traditions continue to the present day.

On this canvas, each point shines a different radiance. This is how the French painter, George Seurat, created his masterpieces--point by point.

We, at SEURAT, want to share charming, traditional stories with you. Rich stories found hidden away in small areas of Japan and told from the viewpoints of the “locals”.

A grandfather introduces you to his favorite restaurant. A chef of a small restaurant explains the history and use of regional ingredients found in traditional recipes. A local artisan gives you a private tour of his studio after a night of long, intimate conversation at a bar.

What memorable trips have you experienced that didn't include a serendipitous meeting with a local?
A moment where you discovered something new that moved you?

Often these encounters are brought on by coincidence and challenging to achieve given the limited timeline of the modern traveler.

SEURAT believes spending time with locals engaging in the area's culture, food, or craftsmanship is priceless. We want to provide you, our traveler, with opportunities to witness traditional techniques, learn about local cuisine, and share extraordinary experiences beyond your expectations. Point by point.

Discover there is nothing more valuable than the stories you're told, the relationships you build, and the memories you make through local encounters.

These moments do not have to be created by chance. They can be created by you with SEURAT.